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Mark Larkham reviews the Australian Formula Ford 50th anniversary book

"This book comprehensively captures the ‘first' 50 years of Formula Ford racing in Australia - all the nuance. It’s not yearbook like, covering the minute detail of every race, rather, it’s an insight into everything that is and has been Formula Ford in our part of the world. The people, the machines, the events - it even captures the controversy. Many familiar names pop up, those that went onto greatness and other characters of our sport that didn’t - but most all in the infancy of their careers in this truly wonderful category - a category that I will always hold dear to my own heart as the ‘springboard’ and the early developer of true competitiveness for those that wanted to grasp it. There is nothing like this book, it’s a great read, and is a must have for any genuine motorsport enthusiast". 


The book is with the printer and will be available for purchase prior to Christmas this year via the Formula Ford Association website at a cost of $100 incl gst + $20 P&H in Australia.

More details will follow shortly, it is the ideal Christmas present for all motoring enthusiast.. 

If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact our Administrator - Phil Marrinon 0422 840 300.


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