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Whether you set your sights on a career in motorsport or simply have a passion to go racing, Formula Ford caters for all.


Three levels of racing are offered as follows:

  1. National Level

  2. State Level

  3. Historic



National Level

Predominantly the domain of young racers with a sprinking of the more senior driver, the National Championship is the pinnacle of Formula Ford racing in Australia.


National Championship events are held both as standalone events on CAMS national level events as well as participating in state-based rounds.


The aim of this Championship is to provide a cost-effective arena for young drivers to develop their skills before moving up the racing ladder.


The racing is competitive, providing a great breeding ground for the stars of tomorrow.


The FFA is the coordinator of this Championship.



State Level

Whether you are racing for fun or as your first steps into Formula Ford, state-level racing is the perfect choice.


Available to all categories of Formula Ford cars in most states, these events cater for everything from the weekend warrior right up to the young newcomer practicing their craft before moving into national level racing.


Your FFA local committee members are the coordinators of your Championship and are available to assist you in participating in State competition.




Formula Ford has a strong racing heritage in Australia and it is this Historic movement that is helping it stay that way.


Available to cars constructed before 1990, historic racing offers great social racing, where people are in it for the fun rather than the trophy.


Events are held around the country giving you the choice to race as much or as little as you like.


Your local FFA committee members can put you in contact with our historic racing representatives to assist you with all your queries.



Young or old, a newcomer or seasoned racer, Formula Ford is truly a diverse category that embraces all whilst being one of the most affordable racing categories in the country.

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