As the representative body of all Formula Ford cars in Australia, the FFA is the central body that coordinates all aspects of racing a Formula Ford in Australia.


The main focus of the FFA is to provide avenues for Formula Ford owners to race. All activities revolve around this one goal.


To achieve this goal the FFA’s role includes:


  • Coordinate a championship in each State in Australia.

  • Liaise with track promoters to include Formula Ford.

  • Provide Formula Ford scrutineers at race meetings and official representatives.

  • Represent the interests of Formula Ford owners, drivers and teams as a CAMS representative.

  • CAMS affiliation.

  • Maintaining records of all Formula Ford cars and racing.


The FFA works closely with the Confederation of Australian Motorsport, the country's principal controlling body of motorsport.





The FFA is led by a committee that includes representatives from all states. These committee members are elected by their respective state members and are responsible for representing the members' interests in their states and coordinate state racing events with local promoters.

Formula Ford Association

Rules of Association