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It's a Hillyer climb to the top of AFFS after Rd. 1

The final day of the first round of the Australian Formula Ford series for 2023 turned in some dramatically close racing and produced another debutant winner in the series.

Matt Hillyer claimed victory in both race 2 and 3 on Sunday securing his first race win in the National Formula Ford Series and also his first round win. Hillyer had a great start as was able to take the lead early in the second race relegating pole sitter Zak Lobko to 3rd after the first 3km lap. Eddie Beswick taking advantage of Lobko’s slide to third moving into second place, a position he held for the remainder of the 12 lap race.

While Lobko was again challenged and passed by Jake Santalucia on lap 3, Santalucia found himself back in 4th place by lap 5 and in a battle with Thomas Davies (5th), Xavier Kokai (6th) and an emerging Conor Somers (7th) who pick up 5 places during the last 10 laps of the race.

Kyle Evans (8th), Harrison Sellars (9th) provided a solid contest in the midfield with Daniel Frougas starting in 17th taking the final spot in the top 10 for race 2.

Race 3 saw the clash of the weekend up front with Matthew Hillyer, Zak Lobko and Xavier Kokai challenging each other with wheel to wheel racing during the final 8 laps of the 18 lap contest.

After the safety car was brought out for a three lap period at lap 7, the fight to the end was on with Hillyer, Lobko and Kokai really taking the race up to each other. The best part being that each of the three drivers was able to respond to any challenge thrown to them by the driver behind.

Matt Hillyer going on to make a clean sweep of the Sunday Action while Zak Lobko improved a place from the morning to finish 2nd. Xavier Kokai started sixth and finished on the podium in the final race and for the round.

The Australian Formula Ford Series moves to Sydney Motorsport Park for the next round of the year on the 15th and 16th of April.

Race 2 Results

1. 2 Matthew Hillyer

2. 30 Edison Beswick

3. 7 Zak Lobko

4. 4 Jake Santalucia

5. 42 Thomas Davies

6. 10 Xavier Kokai

7. 71 Conor Somers

8. 34 Kyle Evans

9. 13 Harrison Sellars

10. 27 Daniel Frougas

11. 15 Lachlan Mineeff

12. 47 Lachlan Strickland

13. 29 Imogen Radburn

14. 94 Kobi Williams

15. 88 Lachlan Evennett

16. 43 Liam Loiacono

17. 6 Paul Zsidy

Race 3 results

1. 2 Matthew Hillyer

2. 7 Zak Lobko

3. 10 Xavier Kokai

4. 42 Thomas Davies

5. 71 Conor Somers

6. 27 Daniel Frougas

7. 34 Kyle Evans

8. 13 Harrison Sellars

9. 47 Lachlan Strickland

10. 29 Imogen Radburn

11. 43 Liam Loiacono

12. 15 Lachlan Mineeff

13. 97 Oliver Loiacono

14. 88 Lachlan Evennett

15. 94 Kobi Williams

Series Standings after round 1


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