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Formula Ford joins Supercars at SMP in November

The Formula Ford Association is proud to announce the participation of our category at the “SYDNEY SUPERNIGHT EVENT 2” to be held on November 6th-7th at Sydney Motorsport Park. This event will be part of the 2021 NSW Formula Ford Championship and is open to all classes of Formula Ford cars - including historic cars on Avon tyres - with different trophies for each category. Formula Ford entries will be collected by the FFA and entries will close at 5PM AEDT on October 18th. Bump into the circuit will be permitted on the Friday of the event, with no practice sessions available on the Friday. The following events will be available across Saturday and Sunday: Saturday:

  • 2x 20-minute practice sessions

  • 20-minute qualifying session


  • 3x 20-minute races

The entry fee for this event will be $850 inc. GST and marquee (compulsory due to pit restrictions). The entry form is available at this link. If you'd like to enter for this event please fill in all parts of the form at the link above and send it back to together with the payment form attached here. Please note that, in line with NSW government directives, all persons attending the event must be fully vaccinated against Covid-19 to enter Sydney Motorsport Park. For further details please contact Jeff Senior on 0412 580 620 or Phil Marrinon on 0422 840 300.


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