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Support Fatality Free Friday

During the month of May, Bob Jane T-Marts is actively spreading the Fatality Free Friday message by encouraging local road users to commit to road safety. An initiative of the Australian Road Safety Foundation, Fatality Free Friday is Australia’s largest community-based road safety campaign and calls for road users to make a promise to themselves, their family and friends to consciously drive safely and obey road rules. Since its inception in 2007 the Fatality Free Friday campaign has continued to expand its operation and is now recognised as Australia’s only national community based road safety program. As a valued partner to Bob Jane T-Marts, the Formula Ford Association encourage our members to join us to help reduce road fatalities by imploring all drivers to make a commitment to safer roads through maintaining the health and maintenance of their vehicles’ tyres.

You can pledge your support for a Fatality Free Friday at any Bob Jane T-Marts store during May or by going to

Don't forget that as an FFA member you are eligible for a discount on Yokohama tyre purchases.

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