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Communication from SMSP Race Secretary to all competitors

The FFA would like to advise all competitors that there may be restriction to racing due to vaccination requirements in NSW. As yet, the NSW government has not announced specific requirements, however Sydney Motorsport Park has released a statement in regard to the operation of the circuit. They have requested that the entire document be provided. See below email from Race Secretary of Sydney Motorsport Park, Doreen Butchers. -- "Hi All, I am sure you have all been watching the news, and keeping up with the daily updates by our NSW Govt Officials. The main phrase that is being used is ‘The Key to Freedoms, is FULL VACCINATION”. As you are all aware SMSP is a NSW Government facility, and as such, must adhere to all Health Orders, at all times. Whilst nothing definite has been implemented, we think it is very important that you read part of the email that was sent to the staff last week, at SMSP from our CEO Glenn Matthews, on the subject. Glenn has given permission for me to do this, as it really is an important message. “It does now seem inevitable, after listening to the Premier today, that the lifting of restrictions for businesses in October, will be restricted to people who are fully vaccinated ie part of the 70% target. This will be applied to both customers and staff. If this does become a requirement, then to work at SMSP you will need to be fully vaccinated to be able to work. Put simply, should you choose not to be vaccinated then you won’t be able to work and will need to either re-sign, use your entitlements to be paid or seek government support for payment (should there be some). I feel it is important to outline my position in advance so there will be no surprises.” Whilst Glenn has not mentioned officials, competitors and drivers in particular, it is reasonable to expect that the Health Orders will apply to everyone wishing to come on to the venue for any purpose. We now also fully realise, that being fully vaccinated is not something that can be done overnight. We are all trying our best to be fully prepared for the venue to be opening again, and for all of us to be able to return to racing, so we are starting this conversation now. Entries for the November 27th & 28th MRC Round will be opening very soon, and all competitors/drivers and ALL associated persons should be considering their own situation. IF……….this becomes a requirement, then rest assured, steps will be taken prior to entry into the venue to check you, and your teams vaccination status. We feel that it is best everyone at this stage, assumes that you will have to be FULLY VACINATED, prior to coming onto the venue, and take steps accordingly. We totally understand that there may be those that will hold exemptions from the Health Order, and those people should contact the ARDC office and advise. Each case will of course be considered on its own unique details, but will ALWAYS have to be viewed in conjunction with the NSW Health Orders. You all know my email address, and my mobile number, so please, feel free to comment should you feel the need. Hope you are all well and safe. We are nearly there…big breath people, Cheers Doreen" -- We are not sure what the requirements for Wakefield Park will be and are yet to receive any communications from them. Please be patient while we assess the situation and be sure that we will advise all FF competitors as soon as any information becomes available. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact our NSW representatives:

  • Tim Beale - 0417 224 244

  • Cameron Hill - 0402 749 500

  • Jeff Senior - 0412 580 620

In the meantime, be safe and get your racing cars ready. We can't wait to see you all on track again soon!


2021 NSW Formula Ford Championship calendar:

Round 1: 10-11 April at Sydney Motorsport Park Round 2: 22-23 May at Wakefield Park Raceway Round 3: 31 July - 1 August at Sydney Motorsport Park - cancelled Round 4: 25-26 September at Wakefield Park Raceway - cancelled Round 5: 27-28 November at Sydney Motorsport Park - rescheduled Round 6: 11-12 December at Wakefield Park Raceway - TBC


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