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2020 FFA Membership renewals are now due

Dear Formula Ford Association member, It is time again to close the curtains on another great season of Formula Ford racing. We send our thanks to all of our Historic, State and National competitors for participating in the best open-wheel category in the country. 2019 marked the 50th anniversary of Formula Ford in Australia, we experienced another strong year for the National series, we saw massive fields at Historic level and countless new faces at State level. Formula Ford is back and we can't wait to keep it powering on into the next 50 years! On the historic side of things, the FFA worked with CAMS to mandate 98 pump fuel in all cars from 1 January 2020, the only additives permitted will be those listed in schedule G of the 2020 CAMS Manual of Motorsport (link of the current regs here). The Classic group has formally become part of the FFA and officially represents the Association within the historic community. Historic Formula Ford delivered once again with big grids and a competitive atmosphere - keep an eye out next year for the FFA BBQ, our aim is to keep it friendly and fun for all involved. At the National level, our grid size has shown stability and delivered with some amazing races. This year we had 26 drivers registered at the National level. As always, the driving quality has been at a very high standard and the level of competition has deepened. Angelo Mouzouris was crowned this year’s champion and will be one to watch in the next decade. Next year the Championship will feature 7 rounds, with 3 of the 7 being the specific "Kent National Championship". Our aim is to have as many modern Kents participate in the 3-round championship, with a realistic target of a 30-car grid once combined with the Duratec field. All rounds will once again be open to Formula Ford 1600 cars. The Formula Ford Association continues to be the CAMS point of contact regarding all things Formula Ford. Our aim is to provide a stable set of regulations that enable the racing to remain fair and equal across all classes. We aim to keep Formula Ford an affordable and enjoyable category for all levels of drivers. Outside of the track, the current committee has invested hundreds of hours into the "not so fun" logistical and paperwork side of things to try and make the category thrive heading into the future. We have recently launched an updated and more interactive website, now easily accessible on multiple devices. This year, the modern FF1600 and Formula Ford categories have continued to enjoy Yokohama as our controlled tyre provider. The AO48 is a brilliant tyre in the wet and keeps providing its promises of longevity and affordability. We were happy to renew our contract with Yokohama and look forward to working with their team for the foreseeable future. We have recently taken a supply of control collectors and also new control wheels for Formula Ford and are close to announcing a ready supply of 5.5’ for FF1600 cars. If you haven't raced this year get in touch with us about what we can do and how we can help to get your car out of the garage! If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to address them to our administrator or to any of our State representatives. All contact details can be found on our website. Have a Merry Christmas and a safe New Year. See you in 2020 for another huge year of Formula Ford racing! -- FFA Committee

You can renew you membership or join the FFA online at this link.

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