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2020 AFFC - COVID-19 Update

The Formula Ford Association Committee has recently held an urgent meeting to discuss the impact of COVID-19 on our 2020 Australian Formula Ford Championship and have agreed to the following changes to assist competitors during this very unusual time:

  • The registration fee for the 2020 AFFC will be changed to $275 (inc GST) payable on a round by round basis. For those who have already paid the full registration fee, please contact the administrator via email with your details and a full refund will be arranged.

  • The testing rule as detailed in our 2020 Sporting Regulations will be reset when a starting date of the Championship is known. We hope that our first round will be at Phillip Island on May 15-17. However, due to the continuous change in the current situation, this will need to be confirmed closer to the date of the meeting.

To further assist competitors, we are looking at applying some amendments to the current tyre rule in an effort to further reduce costs during this difficult period. More information on this will follow in the coming weeks. Please note that the dates of our race meetings may be changed to better accommodate the 2020 National Championship. There are no changes to regulations for Formula Ford 1600 competitors. Should you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact our administrator on 0422 840 300.

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