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Historic Formula Ford celebrates 50th Anniversary at Sandown

A total of 36 Historic Formula Fords will be racing this weekend at Sandown Raceway, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the category in Australia. The very first Formula Ford race in Australia was held at Sandown Raceway on November 9th, 1969. In those days, the event was known as "The Aztec Racing Formula Ford Challenge", sponsored by Australian Formula Ford manufacturer Aztec Racing. A range of passionate Formula Ford supporters have put in a huge amount of effort to pay homage to the first race at Sandown 50 years ago. A collaboration involving the Historic Formula Ford representatives within the Formula Ford Association, the VHRR (Victorian Historic Racing Register) and Allan Ould, founder of Aztec Racing, have formally revived the Aztec Racing Formula Ford Challenge. A beautiful trophy known as the "Aztec Cup" will be awarded to the winner of the Feature Race on Sunday afternoon. Allan Ould will also be at Sandown to award the replica trophy to the winner. This weekend's meeting at Sandown will also be celebrated as the "Driver to Europe Memorial Round". The Driver to Europe Series ran in Australia from 1971 to 1992, providing many young Australian talents with a once-in-a-lifetime chance to progress their careers in Europe. Western Australian based Historic Formula Ford regulars John Van Leeuwen and Andrew Goldie will be embarking on a long journey across the Nallurbor to participate in the event and represent their home state during the 50th-anniversary celebratory weekend. Bo Jensen, Pat Mullins, Neil Richardson and Glen Woodforde will be disembarking from South Australia, while Nick Mansell, Lyndon Arnel and Nigel Hook are joining the field from New South Wales. Wayne Colville will once again cross the Tasman to race his recently acquired Van Diemen RF88. He will be the only New Zealander on track this weekend. Victorians Matthew Scott and Ben Rawson will make their first appearance in the category aboard the ex Larry Perkins Elfin 600 and a Van Diemen RF81, respectively. Two more Elfin 600s will be competing this weekend, with Phil Oaks piloting the ex John Bowe Formula Ford and Nick Bennett steering the Bennett family's Elfin FF. Two former National Formula Ford Champions will be back behind the wheel. 1983 Formula Ford Driver to Europe Series champion Bruce Connolly will be back aboard an Ecurie Australie Reynard, while 1988 Motorcraft Driver to Europe Series champion David Roberts will be steering his Ellery Motorsport-prepared Swift FB89. To add to the celebrations, the Formula Ford Association is acknowledging the 50th anniversary with an official function held at Sandown on Saturday night, October 26th. The event will kick off this Friday with three practice sessions, followed by qualifying and race one on Saturday and race two and the Aztec Feature Race on Sunday. Weekend Schedule Friday, October 25th Practice 1 - 10:40am Practice 2 - 1:20pm Practice 3 - 4:10pm Saturday, October 26th Qualifying - 11:35am Race 1 - 3:50pm Sunday, October 27th Race 2 - 11:50am Race 3 (Aztec Feature Race) - 3:35pm Entry list Fa Class Andrew Barron - 1973 Van Diemen RF73 Phil Oaks - 1970 Elfin 600 Mark Brunning - 1975 Elfin 620B Matthew Scott - 1970 Elfin 600 Nick Bennett - 1971 Elfin 600 Nick Mansell - 1976 Van Diemen RF76 Lyndon Arnel - 1977 Lola T440 Cole Spender - 1971 Spender Lynx Warwick Foletta - 1975 Van Diemen RF75 Kevin Kosa - 1973 Lola 340/342 Paul Faulkner - 1977 Crossle 32F Fb Class Glen Woodforde - 1983 Reynard FF83 Phil Marrinon - 1982 Galloway HG5 John Van Leeuwen - 1980 Van Diemen RF80 Ian Edgar - 1983 Lola T642a Bruce Connolly - 1984 Reynard FF84 Ben Rawson - 1982 Van Diemen RF82 Eric Bellamy - 1980 Wren 003 Ewan Geals - 1983 Lola T644 Fc Class Johnny Greig - 1988 Van Diemen RF88 Pat Mullins - 1986 Van Diemen RF86 Wayne Colville - 1988 Van Diemen RF88 Nigel Hook - 1985 Ray FF85 John Blanchard - 1988 Van Diemen RF88 Andrew McInnes - 1988 Van Diemen RF88 Jonathan Miles - 1989 Van Diemen RF89 Anthony Mann - 1986 Van Diemen RF86 Bo Jensen - 1989 Van Diemen RF89 Simon Fallon - 1986 Van Diemen RF86 Neil Richardson - 1989 Van Diemen RF89 Jeremy Mantello - 1986 Van Diemen RF86 Andy Nethercote - 1988 Reynard FF88 David Roberts - 1989 Swift FB89 Will Faulkner - 1986 Van Diemen RF86

The new "Aztec Cup" trophy. More details about this trophy are available at this link.

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