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Safety car drama as Mouzouris goes two form two

Angelo Mouzouris has claimed back to back wins at the Winton Supersprint after the top three across the line in Race 2 were handed post-race time penalties for breaching safety car restart procedures.

Synergy Motorsport's Liam Mclellan starred off the line, charging from fourth to first by the first corner. Victorian State Series racer Ben D'Alia unfortunately couldn't get off the line after an impressive fifth place in Race 1 yesterday, with the safety car brought out to retrieve him.

The race resumed on Lap 3 as McLellan controlled the field on the restart. From second, CHE Racing Team's Tom Sargent Motorsport passed McLellan heading towards the control line, while Callum Hedge and Jay Hanson Motorsport overlapped the leader.

While Hedge took the chequered flag from Sargent and Hanson, Sargent received a 15 second penalty as a result of the pass, while Hedge and Hanson were penalised 10 seconds for the overlap.

This promoted Sonic Motor Racing Services' Mouzouris to the win ahead of the Spectrums of McLellan, Cody Donald, Cody Burcher and Jake Donaldson, as all three Synergy Motorsport entries finished inside the top five alongside the privateer Donald entry.

On 111 points, Mouzouris has jumped from third to first in the championship standings, and now leads Sargent by one point.

With battles all the way through the field and a host of drivers looking to fight back, the stage is set for a thrilling final race after the Supercars at 3:50pm.


First - Angelo Mouzouris #2 Mygale - Sonic Motor Racing Services

“It wasn’t the greatest race for me personally. I certainly didn’t maximise the car underneath me in these conditions but you take these wins when you can get them,” said Mouzouris.

“We’ll go back and look over how that race went and hopefully make some gains to stay out front in Race 3.”

Second - Liam McLellan #97 Spectrum - Synergy Motorsport

“I got off to a great start in that race and moved into the lead by the first corner,” said McLellan.

“It was a chaotic restart, normally you’d expect to cross the control line in first but it didn’t happen that way, so we dropped down a few spots because of that but we were happy with the final result that put us in second.

“Justin Cotter and Synergy Motorsport have been working all weekend on improving our setup, especially in the wet race yesterday when we charged through from the back of the grid to fourth.

“We’ll tune it up again and have a crack in the last race.”

Third - Cody Donald #60 Spectrum - 3DRaceLog/Renta2Way

“The track was still damp this morning which made for some tricky conditions, it got drier as the race went on and I got more confident as the race went on,” said Donald.

“It was great to pick up a few spots in that race. We finished sixth on track but i’ll take the third as a part of racing. It’s a good step forward and i’mlooking forward to the final race.”

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