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Tander and Hobbs Crowned AFFS Champions

The final round of the Australian Formula Ford Series was another greatly contested event with the title race going down to the wire.

The final Australian Formula Ford Series championship results are:

Formula Ford

1st: Leanne Tander

2nd: Will Brown

3rd: Jordan Boys

Formula Ford 1600

1st: Jake Hobbs

2nd: Dan Holihan

3rd: Jason Lidell

Click here to view all the championship results.

We congratulate both Leanne and Jake on their great seasons as well as all podium finishers.

The 2016 Australian Formula Ford Series has been a great one and there are many people we must thank.

The series is not made possible if it was not for the efforts of Phil Marrinon. We often take for granted the effort Phil makes but the series simply would not exist if it wasn't for his ongoing efforts all year round. From calendar coordination, to category management at the track, Phil is always enthusiastically doing his job with little thanks. He is not paid to undertake the role but does it as he loves Formula Ford.

A big thank you to Icyy Harrington as our driving standards observer and category scrutineer Mike Hanley as well as others that have pitched in to help Phil at each round.

The Australian Formula Ford Series operates on a very tight budget in order to keep the costs of racing low for the competitors. We strip away all the fanfare and simply focus on producing a cost effective platform to help develop drivers. Our focus is always on the racing and once again Formula Ford proved that it offers one of the best, if not the best, racing in the country. Not only does it provide the most cost effective national open wheel racing in the country but the largest grids, an essential component in producing the best drivers.

We would like to thank Yokohama for their support this year. The new tyre has proven to be a great addition to the category and we look forward to a long partnership with them.

Thanks to the Road to Indy for their support of our series as well as Castrol, Ferodo and Bob Jane T Mart.

And finally to all drivers, mechanics, pit crew, mums and dads that support the racing, we say a big thank you for choosing Formula Ford and appreciate all the efforts you have made to to make the 2016 Australian Formula Ford Series a great success.

Stay tuned for 2017 AFFS calender announcement.

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