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Queensland throw out "Taco of Cash"Challenge for Round 3 of the Australian Formula Ford Se

With Round 3 of the Australian Formula Ford Series looming at Queensland Raceway as part of the Shannons Nationals event, the local Formula Ford 1600 competitors have thrown out an official challenge to southern drivers called “Taco of Cash”.

Unfortunate state level date clashes with other FF1600 series hasn;t deterred the Queensland competitor base from attempting to build the best "Kent" grid since the ctaegory re-joined the national series.

The Queensland drivers have offered a $1,500 prize to any driver located south of a line running from Grafton, NSW to Canarvon, WA in the Formula Ford 1600 category that can beat the local drivers by winning all three races at the round.

The Formula Ford 1600 cars feature the older Ford Kent motors that re-joined the series in 2014 as part of the Formula Ford Associations revamped national series, a class that dominates local Queensland Formula Ford racing.

The Queenslanders are confident of their abilities with the trash talking already starting in their official campaign flyer.

“If you think you are good enough, and we all know that you ALL think that you are good enough. We say, come and prove it! And to also prove that we are good sports, if you are what we call a ‘Mexican‘, and it turns out that you are good enough to win all three Kent races, we will begrudgingly accept that you are in fact faster than us, or luckier than us, or took a short cut, and even more begrudgingly will then award you with the much coveted, “TACO OF CASH”.

Local Formula Ford Association representative, James Corbett, said, “We love our Formula Ford racing up here and this year we have really boosted our numbers and created a great friendly atmosphere among the drivers. We look forward to having our southern friends join us and to help entice them we have thrown out this challenge so they can come and experience some of our Northern hospitality.”

With entries already coming in, this round is set to include another bumper grid of Formula Fords.

“We always look forward to our round at Queensland Raceway as the racing is always very entertaining and we are delighted that the Queensland competitors are spicing the event up by instigating this challenge for the Formula Ford 1600 competitors.”, said series coordinator Phil Marrinon.

Round 3 of the Australian Formula Ford Series will be held on 30-31 July at Queensland Raceway and the “Taco of Cash” will add further excitement in this state of origin challenge.

Click here to view the "Taco of Cash" poster.

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