Formula Ford competitors impressed with Yokohama debut

The new Yokohama control has received rave reviews following its first competitive use in the Australian Formula Ford Series.

The Yokohama A048 made its competitive debut as the new control tyre for the Australian Formula Ford Series at Sandown last weekend, following the category’s switch from the Avon ACB10 at the end of last season.

As were the indications during pre-season testing, the tyre provided excellent durability and drivability across the Sandown weekend, leaving team owners and leading drivers impressed with the product.

According to Mike Borland, head of Borland Racing Developments and the man behind the Spectrum Formula Ford chassis, the Yokohama’s made a flawless debut.

“The tyres are fantastic,” said Borland. “They’re consistent through a whole session, they don’t go off. We’ve run them on 40-degree days in testing at Winton, and a lot of the time out last lap of the session is the quickest. At the other end of the weather scale, they’re better in the wet.

“We’re getting more than three test days to a single set, whereas with other control tyre brands we’ve had in the past a set would barely last a day.