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Statement from the FFA regarding the website

The Formula Ford Association wishes to clarify their position in relation to the recently launched website titled

The Formula Ford Association is not involved in the coordination nor management of the website.

Though the Formula Ford Association may not agree with every choice CAMS makes, we remain in close contact with CAMS management as required to ensure that our members interests are best represented.

What CAMS or any other category chooses to do with the management of their category is a matter for them. The Formula Ford Association’s sole focus is on giving members the opportunity to race their Formula Ford cars and we will not be distracted in our achievement of this purpose.

As and when required, the Formula Ford Association does and will consult directly with CAMS to lobby and discuss matters pertaining to member’s interests. This approach has worked very well for our members with the outcome of no loss of opportunities in a changing motorsport landscape.

All levels of Formula Ford are well supported which is testament to the cars and the management of the racing programmes and as long as this continues we believe that we will have the support of CAMS for many years to come.

We encourage a professional and constructive relationship with CAMS and encourage our members to act accordingly.

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