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Victoria welcomes a new FFA committee

The Victorian FFA chapter held their AGM on Thursday 11th September 2014 and a new committee was elected.

The new committee delegates are:

- Phil Marrinon

- Luke Ellery

- Nick Bennett (alternate delegate).

We would like to take the opportunity to thank Andrew Sill who elected to not nominate to be on the committee so he can get back to focusing on his own business affairs and get back to enjoying racing.

During the last 4 years of his involvement on the committee he has provided the FFA with sound marketing advice and enthusiasm for the advancement of Formula Ford in Australia. He has been one of the driving forces in the reconstruction of the national series for Formula Ford and his tireless volunteer efforts have helped build a solid foundation for the progress of the Formula Ford Series into the future.

We congratulate the new committee and look forward to their representation of Victorian members.

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