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2013 Vic FFA series run and won

Another year of great racing in the Victorian Formula Ford Association Series has ended with some great racing on show all year.

The Formula Ford 1600 class saw some seasoned pros fight it out for victory. On top was Iccy Harrington with another consistant performance in his RF96 Van Dieman.

Second place was nice guy Jim Garley. After a few seasons in the seat, Jimmy put a great performance in all year and earned his second place.

In third was Jon Miles in his immaculate RF89 Van Dieman. Jon proved his skill by winning many races but if it wasn't for missing the first round he may have been placed higher.

The FF1600's showed that you do not have to have the latest and greatest car to win and that our category is all about the drivers skills.

The Formula Ford Fiesta class was hottly contested all year.

Tom Grech driving a Spectrum 011c came out on top. Despite not winning a race, he showed that consistency is the key and he was always up the front.

Hamish Hardeman improved on his last years performance by finishing in second place in his Mygale SJ11a after a very strong final round.

In third was Nicholas Ellen who also was a consistent performer all year. As a privateer team, Nick and his father worked hard to stay up the front.

The Pre 96 class spoils went to Jon Miles followed by rookie David Hobill who must be commended for his excellent first year efforts. In third was Dean Koutsoumidis in a RF91 Van Dieman.

All in all it was a great year of racing that saw the cream rise to the top.

Congratulations to all the winners and all those that supported the series.

We look forward to another great year of racing in the Victorian FFA Series and encourage all competitors to come back next year for some more close racing.

Final results can be viewed here.

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